1:1 Coaching & Mentoring Tailored to You

You are the most important investment you will ever make 

You'll be amazed by the outward changes you can make by looking inwards to the source of your power - you. Through coaching you can truly transform your life in every area, you can take back control, step into your empowered self and redesign anything & everything in your life. The most effective changes you can make, changes that will truly last, are triggered from the inside out...

so that you can live the life you always wanted...

You can’t evolve if you're stuck repeating the same patterns…

  • I see you. You're trying so damn hard to get through a mental block, or maintain a positive mindset, but life keeps getting in the way. You're stuck in this cycle of repeating the same patterns & resisting learning the lessons (even though the same scenarios will keep coming back until you do)

  • Your loved ones don't seem to really appreciate all that you do for them & you're waiting for the penny to drop, for them to suddenly realise you deserve to be treated as well as you treat them... only it keeps playing out the same way over and you know you need better boundaries ~ but how do they work?

  • You're aware that you have inner work to do, that you need clearer boundaries, that the law of attraction could work for you like it works for other people, that you have an inner child who needs attention & you're piecing together information from social media, books, podcasts etc but you're not seeing results fast enough.

And you're wondering...

When will I finally get to live the life I want?

What if you could be guided & supported through your inner work to get from where you are now, to where you want to be?

What if:

  • You discovered what you’re really worth, what you really deserve, had relationships that truly reflect the love you have to offer and you could attract the life you want with the law of attraction?

  • You completely re-thought the patterns that have been repeating in your life, developed your intuitive power to see the reason behind everything you've been through, and where it's been leading you all along?

  • You started seeing all those outward markers of progress you’ve been craving - stepped into your role as the queen of your world, empowered, and in control of your life moving forward?

  • You woke up every day with a spring in your step: purposeful and clear on what you need to do to really step into alignment with what you want?

  • You stopped grasping at all the odd bits and bobs that are intended to be generalised, for everyone, and followed one direct path, specifically tailored to you, that leads you where you actually want to go with your life?

  • You knew exactly what you need to do to upgrade your life one step at a time & you trusted yourself 100% to step forwards into the life you're meant to live ~ a life that's full of purpose, full of meaning, and full of love & mutual respect?

Let’s turn those ‘what ifs’ into your reality

Over 90 days together (that’s pretty much three months) we’ll work together on the inner work you need to reach the next level. During that time you'll get ~

  • Clarity around why you're at this point in your life, what it means for you & how you can use your past to improve your future

  • Clarity around what to actually do to get from where you are to where you want to be, taking you from big picture to clear & simple action steps to get there

  • Clarity on who you are at your core, how much love & abundance you deserve, how you can step into your empowered self and move forwards 

  • Interrupting the repeating patterns you've been living with, making peace with the reason for everything that's led you to here & now

  • Raising your self-worth, setting healthy boundaries & nurturing your inner child, so that you can leave the past behind & move forward

  • Learning to trust yourself to move in the right direction,  accepting the power you have & becoming conscious of the choices you make 
  • Retuning your inner voice & self talk & reframing your limiting beliefs, so that the mind chatter starts working with you not against you

  • Being able to see the positive in every situation, no matter how negative it might seem & invite positive experiences into your life

  • Opening up to see your life for what it is, what it could be & the power you have to design the life you want at every step of the way, in every moment 
  • Practical steps to work with the law of attraction & manifest whatever it is you want in your life, with ease and flow

  • Raising your abundance in real life terms with the ability to see what is possible for you, your life and the world around you

  • Deeper understanding of how and why the law of attraction is a law of nature and how & why the universe always provides

  • Practical ways of interpreting your intuition so that you can tap into the answers you already have within you & follow its guidance

  • Learning how to work with your own energy & replenish your resources so that you can enhance your life with spiritual tools

  • Spotting the difference between your own power & the power of spiritual tools as non-essential additions to the magic you can create by yourself


"[Before coaching] I felt like I had reached a point in my life where I didn't know where to turn, and I needed some help and guidance in terms of what steps I took going forward. I felt quite lost, very alone, and then when I found you and we started having our weekly calls that changed very quickly. [After our second session] my manifesting powers came into fruition and everything started changing for the better.

[For anyone thinking about having coaching with Kerry] ~ Do it. 100% invest in yourself because that's the one piece of advice I learnt before I reached out to you. Sometimes people see a figure or they see the numbers and think oh my god that's so much money, but it is worth every single penny and I 100% agree that you yourself is the best investment you can make."

~ Francesca

Now it’s your turn to invest in yourself

& improve your life from the inside out

Pay as You Go ~ Individual Session


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1:1 coaching is tailored to you & your life so that you can move forwards towards living the life you really want to live...

Through our sessions together we could cover any & all of these topics ~

  • Smashing any mental blocks & mindset challenges
  • Transforming your limiting beliefs & retraining your inner voice
  • Building strong, healthy boundaries to improve your relationships
  • Boosting your self-worth, self-confidence & empowered self
  • Applying the law of attraction to manifest what you want with ease
  • Aligning with your bigger picture, life purpose & reason for being
  • Interrupting your repeating patterns & learning from them
  • Challenging fear, procrastination & reframing your comfort zones
  • Nurturing your inner child & relationship with your adult self
  • Tapping into, trusting & interpreting your intuition
  • Negativity & dark times ~ why it happens & how to get through it
  • Adopting spiritual tools & practices that enhance your life

Meet your Coach & Mentor, Kerry Laws

I’m a coach & mentor who has repeatedly upgraded my own life & the lives of my clients. I grew up in poverty & homlessness, using education to upgrade my life one step at a time.

But the worst things that ever happened to me have become the best things that ever happened to me because I was prompted to do my inner work and that led me to my life today.

I want to pinch myself daily ~ I now live a life I love, holding strong healthy boundaries, with a happy inner child, loved by the man of my dreams & manifesting what I want, with ease, with the law of attraction...

It was a long hard winding road to get here but I believe I went through it the way that I did so that I could help people, like you, fast-track their progress & get what they want even quicker than I did.

Over the last year alone I’ve supported so many people through coaching and workshops ~ with incredible results:

  • Many of my clients raised their standards & self-worth to accept that they deserved more than they were settling for, learnt from the repeating pattern in their relationship history and, not only became the love of their own life, but also someone else's

  • One client recently transformed their entire life ~ manifested & moved into their dream home, went from considering separation to getting their marriage back on track, stepped into running their own business, and now lives life as their fully empowered self

  • Another recently applied the law of attraction to their career, aligned themselves with an unbelievable new opportunity that fell into place with flow & ease, and quit their job to live in their life purpose and make an incredible impact in the world

Now it's your turn to see the real life results you want 

Who do I love to work with?

I love to coach people who ~

  • are just starting to put themselves first but feel overwhelmed, struggling to maintain a positive mindset, setting boundaries, or making themselves a priority

  • get the point of practicing self-love, doing inner work and the law of attraction, but they're not yet seeing the results they want ~ in themselves or their life

  • are dreaming bigger, have a more meaningful vision for themselves, want to connect with their purpose, and feel ready for their life to be so much more than it currently is

  • who want to do the inner work, change their mindset, or apply the law of attraction, but don't know where to start ~ and they're looking for someone to guide & support them as they evolve


The world is filling up with incredible people who are blossoming from doing their inner work and spreading positivity in everything they do.

It's easy to feel like you're being left behind, afraid of the depth of inner work you need to do, unsure of your own potential, or fearful of how it will look and feel.

Whatever the challenge, whatever the change, I'm here to help.

What my clients say

"I'm feeling super energised by the wisdom Kerry's passed on to me. I feel nourished by her unique ingredients of holding space, connection and empowerment. Thank you for making me feel like a queen! I'm so ready to take the next steps now. I can do this... yes!! I am so grateful!"

~ Jana

"Kerry is a generous, intuitive person. She gives of her attention and time through valuable tools to fast track learning and insights. It is rare to find a person so committed to their clients personal transformation as Kerry is."

~ Avani

Now it’s your turn to invest in yourself

& improve your life from the inside out

Pay as You Go ~ Individual Session


via zoom video call


Buy 6 get one free ~ Block of 6 Sessions


via video call