Are you ready for an upgrade?

law of attraction Nov 30, 2020

I'm living in an upgraded version of my life and sometimes I still want to pinch myself, still learning to accept that I deserve all that I have attracted towards me, still wrestling with the cliche 'too good to be true'. Based on experience and social conditioning, I have to stop myself asking 'what's the catch?'

I can see, looking back, that my previous challenges, blocks, and lessons happened for a reason, moving me in this direction towards upgrade after upgrade. I can also see that I played my own part in getting here, by doing the work of self-development. My biggest block was accepting that I am worthy of the upgrades.

There were dark times, and there will still be dips as well as peaks because its an ongoing journey of learning, but I know that it has all been for my highest good and will continue to be. It's hard to remind myself that the dips are temporary. They feel so permanent at the time, but they do pass. With a little conscious reflection I recognise them as mud covered stepping stones, still leading up.

What's your current challenge or block?
Maybe I can help 🙏🏼


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