Bumblebees & Mindfulness

mindfulness Nov 30, 2020

I love bumblebees. Fuzzy buzzy bloody important little buggers. Bees are everything 🐝

To be able to catch a shot like this just proves to me that I‘m practicing mindfulness in real life, which is a reward in itself. Being mindful means being here and now, not worrying about the past or future. Noticing the little things, that are so easily missed and taken for granted, reminds us to be present, to take notice, to see the magic of our world in every moment.

I try to practice mindfulness whenever I remember by acknowledging the sights, sounds, smells, touch and taste I am experiencing, with childlike wonder and gratitude. Sometimes when I’m fumbling over something I repeat ‘mindful mindful’ and that slows me down to stop the clumsiness. I guess even saying the word ‘mindful’ in my head is a mindfulness practice 🙏🏼


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