I love meditating

mindfulness Nov 30, 2020

I love meditating. I sometimes have to skip my morning practice, when life gets in the way, but I try to meditate throughout the day, snatching a few minutes here and there, which is also super beneficial. It’s always worth taking a break from the world to reconnect with yourself.

Some people say they can’t meditate, that they can’t clear the mind, but that’s not the focus of meditation, especially when you begin. It’s easier to start by being still for 5 minutes, to sit with your eyes closed and come back to yourself, to just be within your body. All you can do is let the thoughts come, whatever they are, and let them be, but if you do this regularly, your mind will slow down, and your thoughts will become calmer and quieter over time. Then you can explore the different kinds of meditation out there, and the fun will really begin.

I practice a combination of reiki and transcendental meditation, but I started by simply closing my eyes and slowing my breaths, later adding a mantra of 'I am here, I am now' before spending time at Plum Village meditating with the Buddhist monks and nuns, adding some mindfulness to my perspective, and eventually finding an individual practice that works for me.

There is no right way to meditate, it's whatever feels comfortable to you 🧘🏼‍♀️


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