It's so important that twin flames recover from this journey...

twin flames Jun 29, 2021

The term twin flames is becoming well-known and highly misunderstood. Too many people are getting obsessed with being a twin flame and wasting time waiting for love that they don't feel good enough to have.

It's decreasing their self worth and damaging their mental health. It's causing issues like normalising rejection and abandonment, as a part of the experience on the way to 'true love', and that's not okay.

People are getting stuck in trying to figure out if they are a twin flame, if this person they're obsessing over is their twin flame, and holding on to the promise that they'll come back together in what's called 'twin flame union'.

I spent years stuck in this cycle, panicking over the time that was passing me by, and the potential of not ever coming back together with my twin flame and ultimately living a life alone... What really scared me was not having the love or children I so desperately wanted, yet I couldn't let go of my twin flame label.

I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did. I don't want their family and friends to go on watching the person they care about enduring the heartache that so many people go through ~ because they're lost down the rabbit hole of the twin flame journey. I don't want anyone to feel as vulnerable and powerless as I did while waiting for 'what's meant to be'.

I don't want them to feel like the life they want is being held back from them anymore, and I don't want them to feel like they're not good enough to be loved, because they deserve so much more than they think they do.

I want to empower these people who have adopted the twin flame label, who believe in the possibility of a better life, a life full of love and abundance. I want to give them back control over their destiny. I want to help people recover from this experience quicker than I did, with support and guidance to help them get through it.


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