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law of attraction Nov 30, 2020

#tbt the day I said goodbye to my car. I was sad to see her go, of course, but also grateful for what she represented. I actually manifested this car into my life.

The classic Audi TT had been my dream car since before I learnt to drive. When my car before her was beyond repair, I briefly wondered if the universe was making space in my life for an upgrade. Then I surrendered the thought, knowing it would turn up when it was meant to and, much to my surprise, I was driving this little beauty within a week.

I love driving and I loved driving this car, but when I moved to the bright city lights of London I used her less and less as I adventured across the city on the tube and train. So it was a relief to let go of the financial responsibility that comes with maintaining, insuring and taxing a car, not to mention the parking tickets 🤦🏼‍♀️ and embraced a new kind of freedom.

Moving to London, practically overnight, was a huge leap forwards for me and making changes was inevitable. So I chose to say goodbye to my dream car, Sophia Loren, making space for new dreams to come in. I was grateful for the fun and freedom she brought me when I needed it, but fun and freedom look different to me now, to how it looked back then 🙏🏼


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