Switch the word BELIEVE for KNOW

law of attraction Dec 01, 2020

This was the biggest takeaway one reader took from my book 'Kerry Explains The Law of Attraction'...

I made this a full step in my 5 step process because THIS WAS HUGE FOR ME. It changed my Law of Attraction process from almost working to getting actual real life results!

Out of the following list of invisible things, which do you believe in and which do you KNOW to be factually real ~ Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, God, Gravity, Electricity, the Internet...

We don't see physical proof of any of them, but we wouldn't say we BELIEVE in electricity ~ as if our belief would make it real. We KNOW it's real. We don't tend to obsess over whether it's going to work one day and not the next, we simply accept that it's part of our reality and move on.

Apply the same logic to your dreams and manifestations. They do exist, you KNOW they exist, or you wouldn't be able to want them.

If someone else has what you want, that proves it's real, proves it's a thing you can have too. Accept that as part of your reality and move on.

Believing in a possibility is very different to knowing your dreams exist, knowing they're out there waiting for you.

It's a difference in how you FEEL, which is your vibrational state. How you feel when you BELIEVE in something and how you feel when you KNOW something, are two different vibrational states.

That's the key to the science behind the law of attraction. KNOW what you want exists, KNOW that it is out there, and KNOW that it is simply waiting for you to find it 👀

Then you'll be in a stronger vibrational state with what you want and attract yourself to it. It takes a little practice, a little conscious navigation, but you'll get there. If I can do it, you can too 😉

So ignore that bloody song and do stop believing. Stop believing and start KNOWING. Know that what you want will soon be yours 🥳


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