I love meditating

I love meditating. I sometimes have to skip my morning practice, when life gets in the way, but I try to meditate throughout the day, snatching a few minutes here and there, which is also super beneficial. It’s always worth taking a break from the world to reconnect with yourself.

Some people say they can’t meditate, that they can’t clear the mind, but that’s not the focus of meditation, especially when you begin. It’s easier to start by being still for 5 minutes, to sit with your eyes closed and come back to yourself, to just be within your body. All you can do is let the thoughts come, whatever they are, and let them be, but if you do this regularly, your mind will slow down, and your thoughts will become calmer and quieter over time. Then you can explore the different kinds of meditation out there, and the fun will really begin.

I practice a combination of reiki and transcendental meditation, but I started by simply closing my eyes and slowing my...

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Bumblebees & Mindfulness

I love bumblebees. Fuzzy buzzy bloody important little buggers. Bees are everything

To be able to catch a shot like this just proves to me that I‘m practicing mindfulness in real life, which is a reward in itself. Being mindful means being here and now, not worrying about the past or future. Noticing the little things, that are so easily missed and taken for granted, reminds us to be present, to take notice, to see the magic of our world in every moment.

I try to practice mindfulness whenever I remember by acknowledging the sights, sounds, smells, touch and taste I am experiencing, with childlike wonder and gratitude. Sometimes when I’m fumbling over something I repeat ‘mindful mindful’ and that slows me down to stop the clumsiness. I guess even saying the word ‘mindful’ in my head is a mindfulness practice

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Journalling / Morning Pages

How often do you journal? Writers know it as morning pages and its a great practice for getting the creative juices flowing, but journaling is a great self-care exercise that benefits everyone, acting like a private therapy session just for you.

I love my morning pages routine of journaling a stream of consciousness onto paper and getting it out of my head. This simple practice sets me up to let go of the day before, of any worries, of any dreams that might otherwise sit with me, I record any ideas that suddenly pop in, and open myself up to whatever the day has in store.

Like meditating, journaling can be a mindfulness practice. Focusing your attention on the task at hand, whatever that might be, transforms it into an act of self-care and investment in yourself. You can also practice such things as walking meditation, eating meditation, bathing meditation, even daydreaming meditation just by choosing to think of what you're doing in a different way. Being fully present in the moment...

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No mud, no lotus

No mud, no lotus ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Out of the heavy, yet nourishing, darkness grows bright beautiful life. We wade through muddy painful lessons to learn how to rise up and burst through the surface to greet the sunshine, more beautiful than we were before. Then the cycle begins again - sinking low then rising up, it’s the natural flow of life. We have the choice to resist, or to allow, observe, learn and grow.

I continuously choose to begin again, I continue to take back my power of the reality I create for myself, I continue to accept that I will dip and rise on this neverending journey. I choose how I want to be defined, yet I am also just one part of the collective energy, one part of the bigger picture, living an intuitively guided life of service and gratitude

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