Kerry Explains The Law of Attraction 

Author: Kerry Laws | Illustrator: Matteo Reggi

Publisher: Balboa Press|Hay House

In this new interpretation, Author and Law of Attraction Coach, Kerry Laws, shares her easy-to-apply five step process that will empower you to transform and upgrade your life. You'll take a look at the science going on behind-the-scenes, get a better understanding of how the universe works in your favour, and discover the power you have to consistently upgrade your life by working consciously with the Law of Attraction. 

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Is this the self-help book for you?

Kerry Explains The Law of Attraction is the self-help book for you if ~

  • You want to figure out how to make the Law of Attraction work for you, and consciously work with it to upgrade your life
  • You want someone to explain how it works, why it works, and what it is, without the frilly language
  • You want a guide that's based on a real life, tried and tested, step-by-step process, that actually works

Through this book Kerry Explains the most common mistakes, and key stumbling blocks, that so many find difficult, such as ~

  • how to step into the vibrational frequency of attraction
  • how to detach from a state of lack and 'let go of your desire'
  • how to raise your self-worth to deserve and attract abundance
  • how to switch from believing to knowing that what you want is meant for you

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