Journal Prompts for Twin Flames


The twin flame journey can make you feel vulnerable and powerless as you wait for what's meant to be, but waiting isn't the answer. The universe is screaming at you to play your part and take action! You can start by tuning into your intuition, which is the universe's way of speaking to you.

I've intuitively channeled these journal prompts to speak directly to your intuition, to invite the answers you have within you to rise to the surface.


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  • Once you receive your journal prompts, find some quiet time and space to really connect.

  • Answer the prompts, writing by hand on paper & your intuition will naturally flow through you.

Meet Kerry


Kerry Laws is a coach and self-help author, who has worked with hundreds of people ~ those who identify as twin flames, and those who don't. Her life purpose is to make a difference, based on her own life experiences (including her own twin flame journey) as well as her training & knowledge as a coach.


Through her work she guides, supports, and empowers others to do their inner work, step into their best selves, and take control of their life, love, and purpose with incredible results.