Setting Healthy Boundaries

Do you want the people you love to understand & respect your boundaries?

Hello lovely, I’m Kerry, your coach and new best friend! Let me tell you ~ most people have a lot to learn, and need a lot of help, when it comes to improving their boundaries. I should know, I was one of them...

  • I grew up as an only child in a very poor single parent family ~ I was in survival mode ~ where I learnt to do what it took for us to survive, to make it work, and I learnt to put the needs of others before myself far too much
  • Since then I've been doing the work to build stronger, healthier boundaries, create balance in my life, know myself better, raise my self-worth & be my own source of happiness

I've learnt a lot about blurred lines and blurred boundaries, about transactional relationships, and that I'm just as important as anyone else in my life. Now I want to help others raise their self~worth & set healthier boundaries faster, smoother, with the guidance, support and encouragement I know I needed.

Let's take a little peek at the course...


You're going to learn ~

what boundaries are

how to identify boundaries

how to communicate more clearly

how to have difficult conversations

how & when to let people go

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I'm so excited to empower, guide and support you with this course to set healthier boundaries!

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