Client Testimonials


"[Before coaching] I felt like I had reached a point in my life where I didn't know where to turn, and I needed some help and guidance in terms of what steps I took going forward. I felt quite lost, very alone, and then when I found you and we started having our weekly calls that changed very quickly. [After our second session] my manifesting powers came into fruition and everything started changing for the better.

[For anyone thinking about having coaching with Kerry] ~ Do it. 100% invest in yourself because that's the one piece of advice I learnt before I reached out to you. Sometimes people see a figure or they see the numbers and think oh my god that's so much money, but it is worth every single penny and I 100% agree that you yourself is the best investment you can make."

~ Francesca

"Kerry is a goddess! In just one session she helped me so much to breakthrough beliefs and find realisations on the issue I have been struggling with. I came away with so much clarity on my situation and on the way I can move forward beyond the issue.

Kerry has admirably transformed her wealth of life experience into riches of wisdom and positivity in her own life. This makes her so very qualified to help others do the same in transforming that which they are struggling with. Her warmth and compassion shone throughout our session as she guided me through the breakthroughs I had with her plethora of experience and knowledge. I felt like I could open up to her about anything in the heartwarming space of non-judgement she held for me.
I am so grateful to Kerry for that which she helped me to unlock within myself in our session. I couldn't think of anyone better to guide me in times of struggle."

~ Leanne

"What I loved about Kerry was her warm, informative and loving nature. She knew what I needed, when I needed it and she was able to hold space for me which gave me room to expand.

Every question, issue, wobble I had was handled with care and attention. I was able to transcend my limited beliefs (that I didn't realise were there) and able to push past them with confidence, feeling empowered and reassured.

She was kind, sensitive and so understanding to everything. My life has completely changed and I repeat to myself some of the little phrases that she has gifted me."

~ Kalisha

"Kerry is someone I feel lucky to have found. So open, honest and incredibly generous with her wisdom. Approachable, easy to talk to and no fluff - just very practical. I felt an energetic shift from just one session with her and have stuff to take away and work on. I feel like I’ve known Kerry for years. I’d encourage anyone to connect with Kerry if they wish to expand their life."


~ Jodie

"If you haven't had coaching with Kerry, you must! She is so friendly and outgoing! She is truly interested in what you have to say, so she best knows how to serve you. She asks all the right questions if you aren't sure the direction your time with her should go. She has a wealth of knowledge in many areas and I love that she gives so freely, not just of her knowledge but of her material too. She doesn't think twice about loading you up with gifts of meditations and how to's that she offers. Coaching with Kerry is time and money well spent. She is a gift!"

~ Shannon

"I am so blessed to have connected with Kerry over the past few months. Kerry enabled me to open new horizons and perspectives to view life in a more loving way.

She has also given me numerous priceless insights into my love life. I was hurting myself by matching with improper energy that I mistakenly welcomed into my world. She advised me to do the work on myself first and foremost, to be happy on my own, to look for activities that brighten up my being, in short, to be my own best friend.

I am now so grateful for every little miracle that I face every day, which I used to take for granted. Having Kerry coach me through my lowest time was definitely a blessing and I cannot thank her enough!! I believe that you too will benefit tremendously."

~ Minh

"I had an issue which had played on my mind for a number of years. Kerry helped me work through this by looking at it very differently. Even with just one session I took so much from it and then implemented the changes Kerry suggested. It was amazing and I couldn't believe my mindset shift due to my one session. I would recommend Kerry, she is knowledgeable as well as warm and open."

~ Nikki

"I'm feeling super energised by the wisdom Kerry's passed on to me. I feel nourished by her unique ingredients of holding space, connection and empowerment. Thank you for making me feel like a queen! I'm so ready to take the next steps now. I can do this... yes!! I am so grateful!"

~ Jana

"I really believe the universe brought you into my life when I needed you, but didn't even realise it. I loved every second of our time together today, and already feel like I've come away with a new outlook. I am absolutely loving this experience and will continue to apply everything I am learning from you throughout my life. Thank you!"

~ Sophie

"Kerry is a generous, intuitive person. She gives of her attention and time through valuable tools to fast track learning and insights. It is rare to find a person so committed to their clients personal transformation as Kerry is."

~ Avani