The Twin Flame Journey

Are you ready for a life~changing transformation?

  • Do you want to figure out what this journey has come to teach you, apply the lessons, do the work & transform your life?

  • Do you want guidance, support & accountability on your twin flame journey from someone who's been in your shoes?

You're going to learn ~


what this twin flame journey has come to teach you

how to identify the inner work you're being called to do

how to become an empowered & happier version of yourself

how to work with the law of attraction to upgrade your life


PLUS you'll have my help & support along the way

I’m Kerry, your coach and potential new best friend! I want to reassure you that pretty much everyone could do with some help and support when it comes to their twin flame journey. I should know, I was one of them.

  • I went through my journey over 6 years, including a torturous dark night of the soul in the form of anxiety & depression, a surreal spiritual awakening that took me to Thailand and back, seeing unmistakable signs all day every day, having strange dreams & visions, following twin flame tarot readings & planetary movements, watching all the videos, reading all the information & disappearing down the rabbit hole of this experience
  • I was obsessed with the promise of twin flame union & believed everything I heard & read ~ that by simply trusting the process & waiting patiently enough it would come to me, I wanted to, but didn't know how to, take control or learn the lessons it was trying to teach me. Overwhelmed, I assumed that what was meant to be would just be, without any dramatic input from me

The first half of my journey was frustrating and left me in tears, more often than I let anyone know. My loved ones wanted to spare me the heartbreak & pain I was going through, and tried to talk me out of it, but my intuition told me I wasn't crazy, despite what they said. I knew I was going through something epic, for a reason, I just didn't know why.


So what changed?

How did I go from putting my life on hold, while hoping and waiting for twin flame union, to committing to this life~changing transformation, doing the inner work, upgrading my life, coming out the other side of my twin flame journey, meeting the man of my dreams, and planning a future together; the kind of future I had given up hope on having at all?

Plus, upgrading the other relationships in my life, setting loving boundaries, putting myself first, living life on my own terms, with an abundant lifestyle, while also committing myself to doing what I love?

  • I accepted that this was a blessing not a curse, that it was an opportunity to change my life & have everything I ever wanted instead of settling for the cards I thought I was dealt
  • It took time and it wasn't easy, but I put together my own toolkit to support myself & found a process of inner work that flowed in the right direction
  • I worked on finding myself, reclaiming my power, working with the law of attraction, and eventually moved towards the life & relationship of my dreams
  • I accepted that I'll always have work to do, I'll always be growing, learning & evolving, like everyone else ~ but I have these tools & this process to fall back on when times get tough

Now I want to help other twin flames, like me, who are ready and willing to do the inner work and allow this journey to be the life~changing transformation it can be, who are open to the possibility that what's meant for them is even bigger and better than they think they deserve...

I created this 12 week 1:1 coaching programme to cover all areas of the inner work I needed to do on my twin flame journey, to guide and support you through yours ~ 

Let’s take a look shall we...

Week 1 ~ Getting to Know You & Your Journey

Through our first session, we'll get to know your journey, your current (possibly limiting) beliefs, where we're starting from and how we can tailor this inner work to get you from where you are to where you want to be and beyond. You'll also get to know me better and how I intend to help you.

Week 2 ~ Looking Into Your Mirror

This week we’re going to take a good look at your twin flame, to figure out why they are that person to you, what they are showing you by being your mirror image, and how you can better yourself by learning from the role they're playing in your life, and from their behaviour too.

Week 3 ~ Identifying the Repeating Patterns

This week we’re going to find out what this twin flame journey has come to teach you, based on what led you to this point in your life. We'll find out what's gone wrong and why, which lessons and patterns you've been repeating, and which lessons you need to learn to move forwards.

Week 4 ~ Resistance & Dark Nights of The Soul

Together we'll get more comfortable with the times when you struggle, when you potentially face a 'dark night of the soul', and how resistance will only delay the inevitable. From experiencing my first major period of darkness, that lasted a year or so, I was able to get through a second one in a day, and I'll teach you how you can too.

Week 5 ~ Reconnecting to Your Source of Love

The universe has your back, it loves and guides you, it's taking you on this journey for a reason. So this week we'll tap into the source of love that's always available to you, no matter the circumstances. You'll learn to trust it, follow its guidance, and know that you're never alone.

Week 6 ~ Raising Your Self-Worth

This journey isn't about your twin flame, it's about you. It's time to put yourself first, making your experience of love the priority, starting with how you give and receive love by yourself. We'll look at your limiting beliefs about how much love you believe you deserve, how you treat yourself now and how you can treat yourself better.

Week 7 ~ Inner Voice & Inner Child Work

Together we'll find out how your inner child is feeling, how your inner self reacts to different love languages based on your childhood, and how your inner voice talks to you throughout the day, changing that voice to a kind loving one.

Week 8 ~ Setting Loving Boundaries

As you start investing in yourself and putting your happiness first, it’s important that your other relationships, such as friends and family, respect that too. We'll empower you to set boundaries that encourage the people you love to mimic the way you treat yourself.

Week 9 ~ Who You Want To Be & Be With

This week we’re focusing on stepping into your best self, how you can get from where you are to where you want to be, by identifying what your ideal life would look like, and what changes you can make now to move into alignment with it.

Week 10 ~ The Law of Attraction (Decide It, Feel It)

The law of attraction was the ultimate lesson I needed to learn to take control and upgrade my life, so building on the previous weeks' work we're going to add the first steps of this process to your life. We'll figure out what you want and why you want it, by focusing on how you want to feel.

Week 11 ~ The Law of Attraction (Deserve It, Know It)

This week we'll switch your mindset from believing in a possibility to knowing it's meant for you. We'll look at the evidence in your life that proves what you want is on its way to you, and reinforce your knowledge that you deserve it.

Week 12 ~ Next Steps & Moving Forward (Work It)

In our final week and session together we'll tune in to your intuition, so that you'll know, moving forwards, what action to take in the direction of everything you want. This will also be our chance to go over anything again, and discuss how you'll continue the practices you've learnt.


It’s going to be a jam~packed 12 weeks & may go deeper than this outline as we adapt it to focus on your specific challenges...

I would love to guide and support you through this inner work that got me through my twin flame journey & a life-changing transformation!

I want to be very clear ~ it's my goal that everyone who goes through this programme gets amazing results & writes me a gorgeous testimonial like the ones above. I would love that to be you.

If you commit to the programme this will be one of the best investments you can make in yourself. Seriously, a life~changing transformation is available to you, as long as you're ready to do the work you're being called to do.

2 spots currently available...

Let's see if we'd be a good fit to work together ~

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Going through the twin flame journey flipped my entire world upside down. I spiralled into depression, anxiety and, honestly, wanted it all to end. I thought it was the worst thing that ever happened to me, but I now know it was the best thing that ever happened to me. 

I've upgraded my life time and time again, applied each lesson I've learnt along the way, chosen to take the wheel, and steer my own ship in the direction I want it to go, even my view of what was possible for me upgraded too ~ towards standing on my own two feet, writing and publishing books, starting my own business, commanding kindness and respect, and building a life with the man of my dreams.

You can grow through this journey & upgrade your life too, and that's what I'm here to teach you.

I'm so excited to help other twin flames, and pass on what I've learnt & experienced.

If you have questions pop me a message, or you can email me: [email protected]