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Empowering Women to

Improve Their Lives From The Inside Out

Hello lovely! I'm Kerry, certified life coach & author ~ here to make a difference & empower women in every area of their lives...

I know what it’s like to wake up to the exciting possibilities of a fully empowered life, and I also know what it’s like to not have a clue how to get there. Exploring your inner work is a truly magical & life-changing experience. I want to share that with you.

I combine all of my know-how and firsthand experience with the skills developed as a coach, to help you step into your fully empowered self ~ so that you can take back control, trust your intuition, experience loving relationships, manifest abundance, live the life you want to live & know that you're supported by the universe... Read more

Individual & Group Coaching

Through our coaching sessions we'll explore the main challenges you're facing, how they're impacting your life, and how you can move forwards with a different approach. You'll also receive worksheets & journal prompts between sessions to support your progress and get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Group coaching programmes are focused on a specific topic ~ twin flames, the law of attraction, boundaries or inner child work. Or we can set up private coaching sessions tailored to you ~ you'll be invited to book a free clarity call to discuss your needs...

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The Inner Circle Membership 

The Inner Circle membership is like a Kerry Explains version of Netflix! You get access to the online portal of video trainings, worksheets & journal prompts ~ to help you improve your life from the inside out, improve all of your relationships & even manifest what you want with ease making you feel like the fully empowered queen of your world!

Boundaries, self love, your inner child and the law of attraction are all interlinked and affect each other, so it's all here for you to have it covered one step at a time... plus guided meditations, how to guides on spiritual tools like crystals, oracle cards, full moon rituals & more...

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Self-Help Books

'Kerry Explains The Law of Attraction' is the first in a series of self-help guides published by Balboa Press|Hay House

In this new interpretation, Author and Law of Attraction Coach, Kerry Laws, shares her easy-to-apply five step process that will empower you to transform and upgrade your life.

You'll take a look at the science going on behind-the-scenes, get a better understanding of how the universe works in your favour, and discover the power you have to consistently upgrade your life by working consciously with the Law of Attraction...

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These journal prompts are intended to speak directly to your intuition, to invite the answers you have within you to rise to the surface. Find some quiet time & space to connect through these prompts...

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