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1:1 Coaching Programme

I help twin flames navigate their journey through this life~changing transformation. I offer a 12 week programme of 1:1 coaching based on your own unique circumstances, background and life lessons to help you work through The Twin Flame Journey.

Together we'll address the inner work you need to do ~ we can raise your self-worth, set healthier boundaries, learn a new love language, reparent your inner child, reconnect you to your source of love, and more. With a dash of the law of attraction, I can help you upgrade your life. Over 12 video call sessions we'll cover the work you need to get through your journey.

Self~Help Books

This is the first published title in a series of self-help books based on my own knowledge and experience that helped me upgrade my own life ~

'In this new interpretation, author, life coach and law of attraction coach, Kerry Laws, shares her easy-to-apply five step process that will empower you to transform and upgrade your life. You'll take a look at the science going on behind-the-scenes, get a better understanding of how the universe works in your favour, and discover the power you have to consistently upgrade your life by working consciously with the Law of Attraction.'

Online Events & Workshops

I'm now hosting online events, on self~love, self~development, inner work, the law of attraction, twin flames, & more! You're all welcome to join me!

I'm obsessed with the power of journaling practices so I'm hosting journaling workshops with a different theme each time, full moon manifesting circles where we bathe in the energy of the full moon, release what we want to let go of and invite what we want to call in, there's a waitlist for the monthly women's sharing circles which are soon to come, and a book group where you'll get to read my book and ask questions to the author (that's me)!!


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