Upgrade Your Love Life ~ The 1:1 Coaching Programme


Have you ever heard 'it's not you, it's me'? Have you ever thought 'but maybe it is me'? I can help you do the inner work to upgrade your love life. I offer 1:1 coaching based on your own unique circumstances, background, and lessons life has come to teach you. Over 8 weeks we'll cover tons of the inner work you need to do to upgrade your experience of love in your life. You'll get subject specific workbooks to work through and weekly coaching sessions with me, through Zoom video calls. Take a look at the programme and book your FREE Clarity Call.

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Kerry Explains The Law of Attraction ~ The Book


This is the first published title in a series of self-help books based on my own knowledge and experience that helped me upgrade my own life ~ 'In this new interpretation, author and law of attraction coach, Kerry Laws, shares her easy-to-apply five step process that will empower you to transform and upgrade your life. You'll take a look at the science going on behind-the-scenes, get a better understanding of how the universe works in your favour, and discover the power you have to consistently upgrade your life by working consciously with the Law of Attraction.' 

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Upgrade Your Love Life ~ The 8 Week Online Course


Are you ready to knuckle down and do what it takes to change your mindset? Are you ready to do the inner work, by yourself, based on this online course packed with resources? If so, this is the course for you. I'm so excited to finally bring you an online course that you can follow in your own space and your own time. This course is based on the workbooks that accompany my 1:1 coaching programme. It's packed with videos, worksheets, journaling prompts, gratitude practices, meditations, vision boards and more, to teach you how to upgrade your love life.

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Free journaling prompts to help you get clarity, decide what you want, and work with the Law of Attraction

Designed to help you ~ decide what you really want and how it makes you feel, get moving towards your next upgrade and ideal life, & start consciously working with the Law of Attraction. Sounds good, right?


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