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Are you dreaming about a life full of real love, abundance & empowerment but your twin flame journey is holding you back?

Are you someone who has awakened to the possibility of an extraordinary life and now imagines a future full to the brim with everything you truly deserve? Can you see yourself as an empowered magnet for love & abundance, fully in control of 'what's meant to be' and knowing how to get it?

I see you. It’s exciting, isn’t it?

There’s only one problem.

You've got yourself lost down the rabbit hole of the twin flame journey. You're obsessing over someone else, and all of your focus is on them, not you. You're wondering if you're good enough, and if you even deserve love & abundance. Rejection and abandonment feel normal to you now, your self-worth is decreasing by the day, and you're starting to wonder if the life you dream of is meant for you after all.

So you’re waiting to find out.

You want to move forward, but it seems like there's nothing you can do but wait ~ for what's meant to be or not be ~ and you feel powerless.

You absorb stories of twin flames coming into union, and hope you're like them, even though they're a small percentage of couples who do. You're clinging to the hope that you're an exception too, despite the time passing you by, as you wait to find out.

You’ve watched hours of youtube videos, including tarot card readings that will tell you what you want to hear, and you're looking out for twin flame signs all day long, often seeing them even when you don't want to. You repost so many quotes that feel like they're in your head, and see your life play out in every movie and book you consume. But, despite your best efforts, you're not actually taking action to move forwards & make your dream life a reality.

You feel helpless, vulnerable, and stuck in this cycle of attraction & rejection. You wonder if you'll ever get off this hamster wheel and, more importantly, if you're even meant to. You want to know ~ is this the life you were really destined to live?

We need to talk


Hi, I'm Kerry, a coach who specialises in helping twin flames recover from their journey.

I love helping twin flames because I'm passionate about this journey as a truly magical transformation. I went on my own journey of self-discovery through this experience, I embraced the inner work I was being prompted to do, and my life completely changed. It's now full of more love & abundance than I ever believed was possible for me.

I know what it’s like to wake up to the exciting possibilities of a fully empowered life, and I also know what it’s like to not have a clue how to get there.

I want to share everything I’ve learned from going though my own twin flame journey to help you take aligned and intuitively guided action to get you through yours. I want to help you delve deeper under the surface of why you're experiencing this at all, what the lessons are that are specific to you, guide you as you take each step into an empowered version of yourself, and take control over your life, manifesting the love & abundance you deserve.

I combine all that know-how and firsthand experience with the skills I have developed as a coach, to help you feel fully empowered ~ to take back control of your destiny, confident in your own intuitive abilities and supported by the universe and the law of attraction, as you turn your twin flame experience into the best thing that ever happened to you.

What breaks my heart the most when it comes to doing this work? Seeing people who are totally paralysed by what they've learnt about this journey. People who have convinced themselves that there's nothing to do but wait, even spending their entire lives alone because they think they need to stay loyal to their twin flame to come together in the next life time.

It breaks my heart because waiting isn't the answer, and the universe is screaming at you to take action. Yes you are on this journey for a reason, but not to have you sitting in the audience, munching popcorn, watching your life just play out. I can guide you through what to do instead.


I wasted too many years of my life stuck in that cycle myself, years spent waiting, years spent lonely, years spent feeling mad and closed off from the world. Years that I previously thought I would spend falling in love, getting married and making babies. Years that I really couldn't afford to waste if I wanted those things. I'm so grateful that I broke the spell just in time, by going through the process I want to share with you.

I can take you from “I don’t know what to do...” to “I can’t believe this is my life now...”

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