There's no shortcut

The Law of Attraction is often thought of like making a wish and it magically, instantly coming true. It can be that simple once you've got the hang of it, but there's groundwork to be done before you reach that level.

Doing 'the work' is the best thing you can do for yourself, and we all have a unique combination of lessons to learn. Your work might include boosting your confidence and self-esteem, it might mean setting boundaries and resetting your priorities, you might just need a plan, you might have some spiritual exploration to undertake, some shadow work to do, and you might need to reparent your inner child.

Just know it's worth doing, and you deserve to give yourself some attention, because you are entitled to live the life you dream of living

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Journalling / Morning Pages

How often do you journal? Writers know it as morning pages and its a great practice for getting the creative juices flowing, but journaling is a great self-care exercise that benefits everyone, acting like a private therapy session just for you.

I love my morning pages routine of journaling a stream of consciousness onto paper and getting it out of my head. This simple practice sets me up to let go of the day before, of any worries, of any dreams that might otherwise sit with me, I record any ideas that suddenly pop in, and open myself up to whatever the day has in store.

Like meditating, journaling can be a mindfulness practice. Focusing your attention on the task at hand, whatever that might be, transforms it into an act of self-care and investment in yourself. You can also practice such things as walking meditation, eating meditation, bathing meditation, even daydreaming meditation just by choosing to think of what you're doing in a different way. Being fully present in the moment...

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You can feel love at any time...

That feeling of love comes from you. It's often a response to the people, an event, or the circumstances that surround you, a reaction based on 'this amazing thing happened, or omg I love that, or wow I love him, or that's so sweet, I feel so loved' but the source of the feeling is something magical happening on the inside.

The fact that you have access to that feeling AT ANY TIME is incredible, and you really do have the ability to sit quietly for a moment, close your eyes and just feel love well up inside you. If, when you first begin, you need to tap into a memory of a time when you felt that love before, do that, with practice you won't need to.

Feeling love as the source within yourself is so powerful. You can become an independent Law of Attraction wizard with this practice. It makes you magnetic to attracting hard evidence of love in your external life

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No mud, no lotus

No mud, no lotus ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Out of the heavy, yet nourishing, darkness grows bright beautiful life. We wade through muddy painful lessons to learn how to rise up and burst through the surface to greet the sunshine, more beautiful than we were before. Then the cycle begins again - sinking low then rising up, it’s the natural flow of life. We have the choice to resist, or to allow, observe, learn and grow.

I continuously choose to begin again, I continue to take back my power of the reality I create for myself, I continue to accept that I will dip and rise on this neverending journey. I choose how I want to be defined, yet I am also just one part of the collective energy, one part of the bigger picture, living an intuitively guided life of service and gratitude

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The universe says yes...

The universe isn't biased, it doesn't judge, it just says yes. Whatever you repeatedly focus on is what you attract through the law of attraction, whether thats the good stuff or the bad stuff, focusing on it brings it to you.

So maybe it's time. Time to take ownership of the reality you create. Maybe you're ready to accept that you really do have that much power. You've been unknowingly working with the law of attraction your whole life. You have attracted it all to you, you have made these choices, sometimes consciously sometimes subconsciously.

If you're ready to step into this power you have, what are you going to do with it? How big are your dreams? How far do you want to go? Are you ready to do what it takes to have what you want?

Spiderman's uncle Ben was a wise man ~ 'With great power comes great responsibility.' You can't have one without the other. It's up to you to own that

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Women's cacao ceremony

#tbt the day I spent at a beautiful women's cacao ceremony with @diahannloveholder and @urban_avatars There was love, laughter, and very real tears of gratitude... wild dancing, meditation and yoga... authenticity, truth and incredible vulnerability.

I posted this the same day... Such overwhelming gratitude for the most soul nourishing day. The divine feminine part of me is alive and rejoicing.

This was just what I needed, to open up to the wild enchantress and all of the other feminine archetypes that combine, change, and flow through my essence as a consistently inconsistent empowered goddess.

I accept myself as I am now, as I have been, and as I'm going to be, without pushing myself to become something before I'm ready. I give and receive and accept the love and abundance I am worthy of and deserve. I forgive myself for allowing less than that into my life, yet I am thankful for my fully attentive and supportive presence as I worked through the lessons I had...

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Do you love yourself enough?


The most important thing you can do for yourself and your quality of life is to accept that you are worthy, that you deserve everything you dream about. Until then, you'll subconsciously stop yourself from having it.

You'll self-sabotage yourself. You'll convince yourself you're not good enough, that the timing isn't right, and when it doesn't materialise you'll even tell yourself you 'didn't want it anyway'

This is why the law of attraction doesn't SEEM to work for so many people, because they haven't done the work on their self-worth, they haven't stepped into the power of knowing they deserve what they want.

Are you ready to raise your worth?

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This mirror was calling me...

This mirror was calling me. Something more to it than the beautifully intricate design and the way it complimented the wallpaper. The energy around that mirror, in that tiny space felt good, joyful, content.

So it was no surprise when I was told it represented a new chapter in its owner's life, that buying the mirror was a big deal to her as she closed the book on the past and began writing a new life story. This mirror will always hold huge value to her because of that, and I could feel it.

Sometimes we keep sentimental things that tie us to the past, and letting those objects go frees us of some burden we didn't know we were carrying. And then sometimes we bless ourselves with objects that represent our evolution, our independence, and the new versions of ourselves we continue to step into. I think it's important to celebrate these moments, to use milestones and markers that remind us of how far we've come. We deserve it.

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The difference between believing and knowing...

THIS WAS HUGE FOR ME. Ignore that bloody song and do stop believing. Stop believing and start KNOWING.

Out of the following list of invisible things, which do you believe in and which do you KNOW to be factually real ~ Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, God, Gravity, Electricity, the Internet... We don't tend to see any physical proof of them, yet we wouldn't claim to believe in electricity as if our belief would make it real. We simply KNOW it is. We accept that reality and move on. Apply the same logic to your dreams and manifestations. They do exist, you know they exist.

There's a difference in how you FEEL about what you believe and what you know, which breaks down to a difference in your vibrational state. That's the key to the science behind the law of attraction. KNOW what you want exists, KNOW that it is out there, and KNOW that it is simply waiting for you to find it. I have the map

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If all your dreams came true today, would you be ready?

We all wish for a whole list of things, we wish for a life upgrade, we wish to reach the next level, we wish to achieve our goals and ambitions... but what if you were suddenly handed everything you wish for in the next moment? Are you really ready for all your dreams to come true?

If not, why not? What would make you ready, what would prepare you for that day, what would make you believe you deserve that moment to happen?

Until you do the work to get you to that state of feeling ready, you're holding your dreams back from yourself at arms length, you're resisting them. I can help you there

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