Who buys you flowers?

Never forget to treat yourself! Self-care, self-worth, and self-love practices should definitely include buying yourself some fresh flowers. I go for pink roses, the highest vibrational flower and aligned with the divine feminine within all of us.

Seeing these roses in my room makes me feel so together, so loved, so happy within myself for as long as they last. And a picture lasts even longer!

Ps. This bunch only cost me £3. Do you really know how much it costs to be kind to yourself? Not as much as you think

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How are you self-sabotaging your Law of Attraction process?

How are you self-sabotaging your Law of Attraction process?

I used to be so comfortable with resisting my next steps, my life lessons, that I pretty much invited resistance to come lie on the sofa and watch netflix all day and night ~ instead of doing the inner work and moving forwards towards my dreams!

The thing about resisting the lessons life sends you is that you're literally fighting with it ~ you're creating a struggle where there doesn't need to be one, you're making life hard for yourself!

You're gonna go that way eventually. Why fight it? ‍

Staying in your comfort zone is obviously more comfortable, the clues in the name but you can't live in your comfort zone forever, and life won't let you.

Go with it, let it be, and really face your feelings ~ as hard and heavy as they might get. The sooner you let the current carry you downstream, the sooner you'll learn the lesson and be moving upwards towards an upgrade

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How to work with the Law of Attraction - my 5 step process

If only someone had handed me this step-by-step process all those years ago...

I wouldn't be here today writing it out for you

Step 1. Decide It ~ Easier said than done, you have to get really clear on what you want.

Step 2. Feel It ~ You want what you want because of how it's going to make you feel. Practice feeling that way now.

Step 3. Deserve It ~ You don't already have what you want because you don't believe you deserve it. Do the work to raise your self-worth.

Step 4. Know It ~ There's a difference between believing in a possibility and knowing it's going to happen. Get into that vibrational state.

Step 5. Work It ~ The Law of Attraction works WITH YOU not for you. Follow your intuition to take action and move in the direction of what you want.

So that's my 5 step process whittled down and crammed into a nutshell. What do you think?

Obviously I've written a fuller explanation, including ~

• how to get into the right vibrational frequency
• the science...

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I used to lie awake at night wondering if I would ever fall in love again...

I got from there to here with the Law of Attraction...

During the six years I was single, I used to lie awake and eventually cry myself to sleep wondering if I was destined to be alone forever. By focusing on the lack of love in my life I attracted more of the same feeling, and I wallowed in it. I struggled with my loneliness and even more with the prospect of not having children.

As my 30s ticked by, my nan even suggested I just pick a handsome intelligent man and get myself knocked up! ‍ Instead I decided to do the inner work I needed to do, I faced being my own source of love and learnt how to be happy alone. I even got to the point that I decided if this was the worst case scenario I could still make the best of it.

I thought if this doesn't happen for me, I'll adopt children, and in the next 50 years it's more than likely that I'll experience romantic love in my life again. It was at that point that I fell in line with the Law of Attraction.

I had consciously switched my...

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