You can feel love at any time...

That feeling of love comes from you. It's often a response to the people, an event, or the circumstances that surround you, a reaction based on 'this amazing thing happened, or omg I love that, or wow I love him, or that's so sweet, I feel so loved' but the source of the feeling is something magical happening on the inside.

The fact that you have access to that feeling AT ANY TIME is incredible, and you really do have the ability to sit quietly for a moment, close your eyes and just feel love well up inside you. If, when you first begin, you need to tap into a memory of a time when you felt that love before, do that, with practice you won't need to.

Feeling love as the source within yourself is so powerful. You can become an independent Law of Attraction wizard with this practice. It makes you magnetic to attracting hard evidence of love in your external life

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Women's cacao ceremony

#tbt the day I spent at a beautiful women's cacao ceremony with @diahannloveholder and @urban_avatars There was love, laughter, and very real tears of gratitude... wild dancing, meditation and yoga... authenticity, truth and incredible vulnerability.

I posted this the same day... Such overwhelming gratitude for the most soul nourishing day. The divine feminine part of me is alive and rejoicing.

This was just what I needed, to open up to the wild enchantress and all of the other feminine archetypes that combine, change, and flow through my essence as a consistently inconsistent empowered goddess.

I accept myself as I am now, as I have been, and as I'm going to be, without pushing myself to become something before I'm ready. I give and receive and accept the love and abundance I am worthy of and deserve. I forgive myself for allowing less than that into my life, yet I am thankful for my fully attentive and supportive presence as I worked through the lessons I had...

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Do you love yourself enough?


The most important thing you can do for yourself and your quality of life is to accept that you are worthy, that you deserve everything you dream about. Until then, you'll subconsciously stop yourself from having it.

You'll self-sabotage yourself. You'll convince yourself you're not good enough, that the timing isn't right, and when it doesn't materialise you'll even tell yourself you 'didn't want it anyway'

This is why the law of attraction doesn't SEEM to work for so many people, because they haven't done the work on their self-worth, they haven't stepped into the power of knowing they deserve what they want.

Are you ready to raise your worth?

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This mirror was calling me...

This mirror was calling me. Something more to it than the beautifully intricate design and the way it complimented the wallpaper. The energy around that mirror, in that tiny space felt good, joyful, content.

So it was no surprise when I was told it represented a new chapter in its owner's life, that buying the mirror was a big deal to her as she closed the book on the past and began writing a new life story. This mirror will always hold huge value to her because of that, and I could feel it.

Sometimes we keep sentimental things that tie us to the past, and letting those objects go frees us of some burden we didn't know we were carrying. And then sometimes we bless ourselves with objects that represent our evolution, our independence, and the new versions of ourselves we continue to step into. I think it's important to celebrate these moments, to use milestones and markers that remind us of how far we've come. We deserve it.

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Who buys you flowers?

Never forget to treat yourself! Self-care, self-worth, and self-love practices should definitely include buying yourself some fresh flowers. I go for pink roses, the highest vibrational flower and aligned with the divine feminine within all of us.

Seeing these roses in my room makes me feel so together, so loved, so happy within myself for as long as they last. And a picture lasts even longer!

Ps. This bunch only cost me £3. Do you really know how much it costs to be kind to yourself? Not as much as you think

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