Embrace the life-changing moments

The biggest changes come through those pivotal moments, when life as you know it doesn't look the same anymore, when you question something important that you thought you knew, and you're forced to step out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes it means hitting rock bottom, wading through the mud to rise up towards the light and grow like a lotus. Some call this experience the 'dark night of the soul' and going through that was the turning point for me.

The darkest time in my life was the best thing that could have happened. It set me on a path towards becoming who I've become, happier than I've ever been before, self-aware and conscious of how it all works. Of course, it didn't feel like that at the time, but now I'm grateful for my 'dark night of the soul'. I wouldn't be me without it.

So don't be scared of the bad times, they always teach you something, and you have to fall before you can rise. Every experience is a lesson, a challenge in the project of becoming the best version of you

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No mud, no lotus

No mud, no lotus ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Out of the heavy, yet nourishing, darkness grows bright beautiful life. We wade through muddy painful lessons to learn how to rise up and burst through the surface to greet the sunshine, more beautiful than we were before. Then the cycle begins again - sinking low then rising up, it’s the natural flow of life. We have the choice to resist, or to allow, observe, learn and grow.

I continuously choose to begin again, I continue to take back my power of the reality I create for myself, I continue to accept that I will dip and rise on this neverending journey. I choose how I want to be defined, yet I am also just one part of the collective energy, one part of the bigger picture, living an intuitively guided life of service and gratitude

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